Answered: Your nursing home questions

ANSWERED: Your nursing home questions about quality of care and selecting the best placement for your loved one.

Recently, I sat down (virtually) with Gail Weatherill, RN BSN CAEd CDP (wonder what all that means? See below.), aka The Dementia Nurse, who answered your nursing home questions on a wide range of topics:

  • How do you know when it’s time for nursing home placement?
  • How do nursing homes work? What can you expect?
  • Who is responsible for day-to-day care?
  • What’s the best way to make sure your parent receives the highest level of care?
  • What’s the best way to protect a vulnerable parent when they are in a nursing home?
  • Who can you turn to when quality of care isn’t what you expect or need it to be?

For the past fifteen years, Gail has worked in long-term care in a variety of roles and settings, including:

  • home health,
  • hospice care,
  • geriatric case management, and
  • as a director of nursing in nursing homes.

She has published on end of life care, family care, and the empowerment of nurses. In 2014, Gail established The Dementia Nurse, PLLC, focusing on training, consultation and writing.

In addition to her wealth of solid, usable information, Gail brings compassion and humor to a topic that is difficult for most families to consider and discuss.


Wondering what all that alphabet soup behind Gail’s name means?  Here you go . . .

RN-Registered Nurse
BSN-Bachelor of Science in Nursing
CAEd-Certified Alzheimer’s Educator
CDP-Certified Dementia Practitioner


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