zzr_Woman on Beach Self-Care Is Job One

I recently read a post by a caregiver who was complaining about all the advice to “take care of yourself” because there just wasn’t any time to do that.  Here’s the question:  if your parent is relying on you for virtually all of their needs, what happens to them if you develop a serious illness?  

Taking care of yourself is not an option–it’s essential.  I know it’s hard to find the time–been there.  In this section of the website, you’ll find ideas for how to actually do it.  I wish I had a magic bullet that guaranteed you could actually get it done, but sadly, I don’t.  (If I find one, you’ll be the first to know.) Full confession:  I didn’t always make time for this myself, but I managed to find some alone time every day while my dad was sleeping and that helped me keep my sanity.

No Time to Eat Well? Caregivers Need Nutrition Too!

Author: Anne Bogardus, (Founder and former caregiver)Caring for elderly, and often ill, parents leaves little time to make sure we are maintaining our own health.  It can be a real challenge to do things for ourselves, but ignoring our own basic needs doesn't serve...

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Stressed, Exhausted, and Overwhelmed

Author: Anne Bogardus, Founder (and former caregiver)This video expresses something many caregivers I’ve heard from experience—and it is very close to my own story as well.Rosemary Lichtman of Comforting Home Care in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania found three ways of coping...

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How Does Caregiving Affect the Caregiver?

Author: Anne Bogardus, Founder (and former caregiver)If you’ve been the caregiver for an aging parent, you know it’s a hard job, but did you know that it affects you physically as well as emotionally? Kathryn Doyle, writing for Reuters, reported on a Canadian study...

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Emotional Strength

What’s the last thing on your caregiver to-do list? Author: Anne Bogardus, (Founder and former caregiver) If you’re anything like me, it’s anything that has to do with taking care of yourself. That’s not always an easy thing to prioritize since the needs of an elderly...

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Stop Family Caregiver Stress Overload

Author: Anne Bogardus, Founder and former caregiver Family caregivers who take care of their aging parents, in-laws, or grandparents, are amazing. They take on a huge responsibility, one that is filled with the stresses of illness, redefined relationships, financial...

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