About Us

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Family Caregiver Resource Center is the place for baby boomers to find the answers they need to redefine caregiving–in a way that fits their own unique life situations–to create a successful caregiving experience for themselves, their families, and their aging parents.

This site was born from the frustrations of my own journey as caregiver for my mom and dad. It’s based on the idea that, although there is a massive amount of free information available online about caregiving, elder care, aging parents, and specific diseases, it is overwhelming and time-consuming for caregivers to sort through all of it in search of that one piece of useful information to help with a specific need at any given time.

The Caregiving Journey
When it comes time to care for an elderly or disabled parent, the stress can seem unimaginable and the burden often feels unbearable. The Family Caregiver Resource Center works to provide the tools, information, and online resources to the women and men who are, or are about to become, caregivers for their aging parents. Whether you’re wondering how or when to start providing assistance, need information in the midst of your journey, or are in search of a specialist or professional to support you and your parent in some way, we’re here to help.

Our goal is to serve as a virtual one-stop-shop to help you with the challenges that come when you become a caregiver for a parent. From sustaining your marriage, to continuing to hold your full-time job, to finding time to spend with your spouse and children, you make incredible sacrifices to care for your parent(s) and we are prepared to support you along the way.

You could say that The Family Caregiver Resource Center is a personal mission come to life. After leaving a successful career in Human Resources to care for my own parents, I found myself ill-prepared and overwhelmed with the tasks I faced. On my own, and with the help of kind-hearted strangers and a few paid professionals, I found the resources to manage the care of my parents. To save other adult children from the same confusion and sense of the unknown, I created this organization to provide information and resources that can be applied to virtually any caregiving situation and easily accessed from anywhere in the country.